Home Delivery Policy

This Home Delivery Policy applicable for Video recorded encrypted pendrive classes you purchased through the official website of the Vivek Soni Educational Institute Pvt. Ltd. (www.vseipl.com).


Items are shipped via third party courier agency such as SKYKING OR DTDC. If full classes are available then it is shipped within 6 - 10 working days from the date of amount credited in our bank account. In case full classes are not available as the classes are get to be recorded then shipment may be done in two or three instalments in block of say 15-30 classes or as may be deemed fit by the management. If the first instalment is not shipped at our end within 10 working days from the date of credit in our bank account, student can cancel the admission and get full refund of fees.


The shipment is expected to reach within 7-8 working days from the date of booking at Courier agency, where proper courier service is available. We accept shipments to a valid street address within India. We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes, Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO). Where courier service is not available at the delivery location, it shall be pick up from the nearest office of the concerned courier agency.

In case, the shipment is not delivered to given address we shall resend it. However, neither VSEIPL nor its employee’s will be liable for any damages or loss as a result of the failure to meet a shipment estimate.

In no event VSEIPL will be responsible for delays in delivery due to natural disasters, inclement weather, governmental acts, or any other situations beyond their reasonable control.

Further, we are not responsible for any delay/mismanagement in the part of the third-party courier agencies, our responsibility is over as soon as we handed over the items to such Courier Agency.

Under any circumstances our liability shall be restricted to maximum of the amount credited in our account.   

This Home delivery Policy is subject to change without notice.